Guaranteed Quality

Here at Elite Tire, our knowledgeable staff hand pick every tire, rim, and casing that comes in. While most companies merely purchase in bulk to save time and money, we put our quality first and personally check every tire ourselves before we sell it to our customers. We only sell the best used products available, and our quality is guaranteed. 

Elite Tire International, Inc. was founded in January of 1997. The owners of Elite Tire  wanted to establish a business that would aid commercial truck drivers and trucking companies by supplying lower cost tires. They knew that geographical, as well as, financial situations justified the need for a lower priced used product, rather than an expensive new product. Due to the owner's vast experience of over 40 years in the truck tire industry, Elite Tire International, Inc. knows the consumers' wants and needs.
Our Goal

Here at Elite Tire International, Inc. we strive to ensure that our customers are buying the best quality used product for the best price. We cater to everyone from the one person owner/operator to exporting containers loads of used tires, casings, and rims to countries far and wide. Customer service is important to us, and we take every effort to make sure that every purchase, big or small, is appreciated and consumers are satisfied with their purchase. 
Elite Tire International,  Inc. 
Specializing in Used Truck Tires, Wheels, and Casings