For over 20 years, Elite Tire International, Inc. has been exporting used Truck Tires, Wheels, and Rims to satisfied customers all over the World.  We have the knowledge and experience to make the export process seamless and simple. We can arrange every part of the process for the customer. From selecting the right tires, to meet the customer's personal needs, to arranging the shipping and delivery of their container to loading the container ourselves; Elite Tire makes it an all in one smooth experience.
Whether you need high tread originals, medium tread recaps, casings, or anything in between, let Elite Tire International be your personal shoppers. Export customers let us know what sizes and grades they are looking for and Elite Tire will select a container load of tires customized to the customer's needs.
When you place a custom wholesale order with Elite Tire our experienced staff will personally inspect and hand select each and every one of your tires. Unlike other companies that want to sell you what ever they have in stock we want to make sure the customer gets only the tires that they want. Our motto is a satisfied customer is a happy customer and a happy customer is a repeat customer. That is exactly why we have so many loyal repeat customers.
​We know that the more you have to spend on shipping costs the more you have to increase the price of the tires you sell. We put the maximum amount of tires into each container load we sell to keep the shipping cost per tire to it's lowest possible price. We are also able to load each container in under two hours to insure there are no demurrage charges from the freight companies.
Give us a call today and let Elite Tire's vast experience work for you.
Elite Tire International,  Inc. 
Specializing in Used Truck Tires, Wheels, and Casings